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Nahin Taher
Time out!

If you’re a foodie and live in Dhaka city, then you probably don’t need any explanations following the words ‘Time Out’. Almost a decade on, Time Out is still one of the finest restaurants in Dhaka, with some of the most versatile range of dishes and cuisines at quite reasonable prices.

I remember visiting Time Out first back in my early teens. Since then, even till this day, it’s one of the very few places I’d consider as my “go-to” place. Founded by three lifelong friends, Sangita Ahmed, Sangeeta Khan and Samina Salam, the restaurant that started from a single stall shop has now expanded into a full range restaurant in the heart of Banani, with the quality of food still just as great as they were a decade back, if not, only better, and prices still reasonable enough to keep customers coming back.

When Time Out originally opened, they quickly gained immense success with the excellent quality of Thai food items they offered. Their chicken or beef in basil leaf curries have always been one of their most savoured dishes. Along the addition of the Banani branch, Time Out expanded their menu to add some more delicacies and cuisines. They added an Indian cuisine with items like Dosa and Tandoori, etc. They also started serving steak dishes, with one of their best selling items being the Beef Steak with Mushroom and Pepper. All of their signature steaks come with two side dishes from a choice of mashed or baked potato, and fresh sautéed vegetable.

With such diverse and versatile range of cuisines and items, Time Out is easily one of the most favoured places to go to if you’re looking for some good quality food and a cozy and comfortable environment to hang out with friends or family, or even for a date!

May 12, 2016
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