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My Second Cup, please ?

Nahin Taher
My Second Cup, please ?

One of the things that I enjoy the most when I’m reading a book is being comfortably seated in a cozy, quiet corner of a café, surrounded with the aroma of mocha and baked goodies, while sipping on a mug of steaming hot coffee. In pursuance of my love for this favorite pastime, I stumbled upon the new coffee shop franchise in Banani, called Second Cup Coffee Company. 

Established in 1975, Second Cup Coffee Company is the largest and most famous coffee brand in Canada. Renowned for their exceptional brews and other treats, Second Cup Coffee Company has over 345 cafés all across Canada. The franchise has also expanded globally over time with coffee shops in the UK, Cyprus, Iraq, Jordan, Libya, and now, Bangladesh. 

The coffee shop, with a vast indoor area packed with huge comfy sofas and round tables is beautifully decorated with mirrors surrounding the entire cafe, along with bright and colourful circular light shades all across its ceiling. The Reading Corner of the café, with its well-lit, soothing ambiance feels just about right to enjoy a good read any time of the day. There’s also an open patio section for those who’d rather prefer sitting under the open skies. 

Second Cup Coffee Company offers a variety of products ranging from simple whole bean coffees to premium coffees and brews, signature beverages, frozen yogurt and complementary baked goodies and delicious pastry items. Chill Latte and Ice Express are two of their most notable signature brews that are always in high demand. For Chocolate lovers, the Mocha Mania Shake is a ‘must-have’.  

My usual brew of choice at this place is their Green Tea Latte. Unlike the usual types of green tea that we are used to having, Second Cup Coffee Company’s Green Tea Latte comes with a thick, creamy, vanilla flavour to it. Apart from that, there’s also the Caramel Coretto from the European Beverage Category. Filled with scrumptious creamy caramel inside, topped with some more rich caramel over the foamy latte, this is definitely one of their most delicious beverages to indulge in. 

If you happen to be around Banani and in the mood for some really good coffee, Second Cup Coffee Company is definitely the place worth checking out. The coffee shop franchise was launched back in January 2016 and was brought to Bangladesh by Food Chain Ltd.

May 04, 2016
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