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Afsana Khan
Voice of Business

A small annual publication initiated by the BBA 9th Batch of the Faculty of Business Studies of the University of Dhaka back in May, 2007 – Voice of Business today stands as the largest student-run publication in the country. Since its early years however, VoB has grown to be much more than just a business magazine – it is a community of self-driven, hardworking individuals striving to uphold and enrich the booming corporate sector of our country in every little way possible.

As the Chief Editor says in its latest issue, 

“To me, Voice of Business has been the epitome of self-initiative, of formulating and affecting strategies to trounce resource constraints, and more than anything, of fighting all odds to stick to our passion; for me, VoB is as entrepreneurial as it gets.”

Voice of Business published their 7th issue on the 28th March, 2016 at their biggest annual event, the VoB Week 2016. Titled “The Startup Ballgame – From Zero to One”, this year’s cover story focuses on the start-up ecosystem that has recently gained massive momentum in the community, as more people are opting to follow their dreams instead of a secure 9-5 job.  The issue also features a Special Story segment by the ICT Minister, Zunaid Ahmed Palak. 

The 6th issue from VoB, on the other hand, featured a cover story on how to build a career in the much glamorized corporate sector of the country. The stark contrast between the two issues goes to show how rapidly the business sector of our country is changing, additionally highlighting the significance of a business publication that pieces all of this together for the masses. 
Apart from being the largest student-run business publication of Bangladesh, what sets VoB  apart is how it functions – with seven distinct wings of administration, an annually elected cabinet of members and strict organizational hierarchy, VoB’s operations mirror those of formal organizations. 

VoB’s extensive recruitment process involves picking out some of the most impressive and driven individuals from pools of hundreds. The executive and associate members of the club are divided into one of the seven wings of VoB: Administration& Coordination, Corporate Affairs, Publication and Distribution, Communication and PR, Knowledge Management and IS, Promotion and Ideation and the Editorial wing.  Each wing is headed by seven wing-heads, who are part of the main cabinet. The entire VoB community is headed by five elite members of the cabinet – the President, Vice-president, Chief Editor, General Secretary and Treasurer.  A cabinet holds office for 1 year before re-election. The decision making processes are carried out through General, Cabinet and wing meetings.  

Besides the annual publication, VoB organizes case competitions, seminars, workshops and other events all throughout the year. The VoB week, first held in 2011, is their biggest event, held every year centering the magazine launch.  The VoB Week 2016 was recently held, from the 28th to 31st of March. This year’s VoB Week hosted the Youth Carnival, an event attended by organizations like Jaago Foundation, BYLC, ActionAid, PDF, BASIS and many other renowned youth organisations of the country. 

Over the last 9 years, Voice of Business has seen immense growth in terms of reach and content. With 1500 copies distributed to students and corporates all throughout the business community this year, VoB continues to grow by leaps and bounds. 

April 26, 2016
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