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Buffalo or Wings?

Nahin Taher
Buffalo or Wings?

Uttar is really far especially for people who reside in Dhanmondi.  People mocks that Uttara is a village or a suburb maybe. But ironically people of this part of the town visited that part just to have buffalo, even few weeks before. Oh no, wait! I got it wrong. It was not buffalo but buffalo wings. People craved for this certain buffalo wings which was found only in that part of Dhaka city. 

It is a question to many, ‘when did buffalos started to have wings?’ Well, to make it simple for those who doesn’t know and hadn’t tasted Mesquite Grill’s buffalo wings, it is the cuisine of the United States is a chicken wing section that is generally deep-fried, unbreaded, and coated in vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter. But of course different places have different ingredients to make it unique.

But guess what? Now the same buffalo wings can be found in Dhanmondi. Mesquite Grill, a franchise that has opened in Navana GH heights.  The owners of Mesquite Grill are Abu Muhammed Munayeem, Maisha Samiha , Arman Zahid, Shafin Ahmed, Ishrat Jahan Nabila and Farhana Ahmed Nitu.

The ambiance is superb; wooden floor with barks attached of the wall. The light twinkles through the jars and wine bottles. And surprisingly one can never tell that they are actually lights because the atmosphere is so woodsy.  The lights look like glistering starts, twinkling on the woodland. But it is actually a food place. Mesquite Grill gives you that feeling that you are definitely on woodland, even though you are surrounded by expensive furniture.

The grand opening of Mesquite Grill, with the crazy making and serving of their special ‘buffalo wings’ was on 1st of April in Dhanmondi. The honey glazed buffalo wings with a sauce that taste both sweet and spicy. You can suckle on the sweet buffalo wings forever. And relishing that red and semi brown buffalo wings, trust me when I say that the taste lingers forever.

They are just not popular for one food; their flan cake is a must try! Till now I haven’t seen or eaten flan cake at least in this part of the city. When consumed it literally soothers the tongue. Also their Chicken Cordon Bleu which is served with mashed potatoes is absolute yum. The the semi molten buttery smashed potatoes and the chicken is quite out of this world. As I have mentioned already ‘yum’ is the word. 

What is more unique is that they serve grilled pomfret. Why? Because, apart from sea food restaurants or Bengalis restaurants it is rare to see pomfret being served. But thanx to Mesquite Grill where we can find luxury and unique food on the menu to pamper ourselves to get fat for a day.

If you haven’t been there yet, you are seriously missing out their food, especially their buffalo wings.

April 25, 2016
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