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A Zippy-Fun Mini SUV, Ford EcoSport

Zarif Chowdhury
A Zippy-Fun Mini SUV, Ford EcoSport

Today we’re featuring the third generation Ford EcoSport. You might have already seen it on the streets of Dhaka and, may have read about it as well. But we thought, why not remind you of the zippy-fun mini SUV that you may not have taken a second look at? 

It has been a while since AG Automobiles, the company which imports Ford vehicles, started importing the EcoSport to Bangladesh. There were two more generations before this one though they weren’t imported.

The EcoSport was manufactured keeping economy and fun in mind, a positioning that definitely worked out for Ford in this case. At least, here in Bangladesh, the mini SUV is quite popular. Its compact design, reasonable fuel efficiency and a trendy-youthful approach made it a successful import. Because of traffic jams and other relevant reasons, people here look for economy, comfort and performance. The EcoSport gives you all of that without any compromises. There are three variants of the SUV; Ambiente, the base-model; Trend, which has a few more options than the Ambiente; And Titanium, which is fancier with a few tweaks here and there. All three cars differ in looks, mostly front fascia and, internal features but, you can’t really tell the difference unless you look very closely.

All models have ABS, Electric Power Assisted Steering, Engine Immobilizer and a cooling glove box (works like a mini fridge) as standard options. Two other options, the Electric Stability Control and the Hill Launch Assist (your car won’t go backwards when standing still on a hill) is standard on the automatic variants only. 

1.5L petrol engines are standard on all three models. But, the Ambiente and Trend models are also offered in 1.5L diesel variants. These variants are mated to 5 speed manual transmission systems! Clutch and shifting, both are super smooth. Personally, I’d prefer a diesel Ambiente with the internal features of the Titanium. We don’t fancy all the chrome but we really love that sunglass holder and, definitely, the manual transmission!

The cars sit 200mm above the ground. It is quite helpful for driving on the roads of Dhaka which, is nothing less than driving off-road. Also, the cars have a water wading depth of 550mm. That means you can drive this car without tension, during floods. Yes, floods, because where else would you need a water wading depth of that height in Bangladesh?

Here’s the specs in detail - 
Engine: 1.5L Sigma Ti-VCT Petrol, 1.5L DV5 Diesel.
Transmission: 5 Speed Automatic for the petrol variants. 5 Speed manual for the diesel ones.
Power Output: 112 PS @ 6300 RPM for petrol engines. 90 PS @ 3750 RPM for diesel engines.
Front Suspension: Independent McPherson strut bar with coil springs and anti-roll bars.
Rear Suspension: Semi-independent twist beam with gas and oil filled shock absorbers.
The price differs between the three models. The Ambiente costs 29.5 lacs, Trend costs 34 lacs and Titanium costs 37 lacs.

April 25, 2016
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