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This Corolla is off the hook!

Zarif Chowdhury
This Corolla is off the hook!

Almost all car enthusiasts have a fascination for vintage cars. From European makes to Japanese ones, a fine old beauty will never fail to attract attention. For today’s feature, we bring you a pristine Toyota Corolla EE80 from 1986. The proud owner of this fine beauty, Mr. Shahadat Chowdhury, was kind enough to give us a closer look at the car. 

On being asked as to why he would want a 30-year old car for everyday use, Mr. Shahadat explains, “Honestly, I was overwhelmed by this car. I just had to own it no matter what. And it was a bit overpriced, but then again, who wouldn’t pay for a treasure like this? I’m just lucky I got to the previous owner before others!” 

It’s safe to say that this is one of the finest and well maintained EE80 Corolla’s in Bangladesh. It is stock to the bone with all the original parts and fittings. The car is driven daily by Mr. Shahadat, who takes it to his workplace, travelling from Uttara to Banani with barely any signs of aging. A closer look at the interior will bring a wave of nostalgia to the 90s generation as it still includes the original cassette player, with its buttons and knobs. The sliders for air conditioning are fully functional, the seats are still adjustable, the windows roll with ease and the ride itself is as smooth as can be. 

The EE80 was the first Corolla that used front wheel drive and Toyota continued its 5th generation Corolla’s using this setup with the exception of the AE85 (Levin) and AE86 (Trueno). This EE80 still has the stock 1.3L 2E carburetor engine. We asked him why he still kept that engine, he says, “I’m just keeping it all original for as long as possible. And the engine hasn’t troubled me yet. The only addition was the power steering kit which was not a standard option on DX Saloon EE80s.” 

In short, this car is exactly what Toyota manufactured 30 years ago and, is still in that condition. Toyota would be proud! 

April 14, 2016
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