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Afsana Khan

Created by Kickstarter Vivien Muller, here's Ulo, a tiny surveillance owl, that communicates through eye expressions. Unlike most surveillance devices that are designed to blend in with the surroundings, Ulo is designed to interact with its surroundings!

Ulo's appearance is of an oval shaped device resembling a small owl with two round LED screens for eyes and a two way mirror for a beak. Like most security devices, Ulo works on Wifi, can be connected via Android and iOS apps, offers snapshots, night vision and live feed. The lack of any LED display of status on Ulo is substituted with a host of different eye expressions that tell the user what Ulo is doing. For example, if the battery is below 10% capacity, the eyes begin to get droopy. Ulo blinks once when a snapshot is taken and squints when somebody is watching the live feed. Ulo’s eyes also track any movement around the room. 

The Kickstarter campaign for Ulo’s development was extremely successful reaching its initial goal of 1,99,000€ on 01 November, 2015. Vivien Muller however had a long line of stretch goals in tow owing to further funding which he received within a startling one month!



On November 27 last year, the funding for Ulo crossed the €1,00,000 mark, thus ensuring Ulo is released with advanced features such as the 1080p camera, voice control in four languages, facial recognition, Apple HomeKit compatibility and water resistance. Ultimately, the campaign had raised €1,618,869 with 8,330 backers as of 04 December, 2015.  

Each Ulo can be pre-ordered here at €169 and is scheduled to be shipped on November 2016. 

January 30, 2016
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