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Nusrat Daud Pritha

Seeing an artwork taking shape and coming to life is a unique experience. Dhakaites were much privileged to witness such an inspirational act by the celebrated artist Kalidas Karmakar recently in the capital city.

On the occasion of his 71st birthday, Bangladesh National Museum in collaboration with ARTcon arranged this rare art show where the audience saw the inception of an art piece, created with the music and rhythm of local folk music on January 10. The art show was a part of the on-going 72nd solo art exhibition titled “Alluvial Soul.Soil.Symbol”,

The art show set off with a brief discussion session attended by the Abul Khair Litu, Chairman, Bengal Foundation, Ramendra Majumder, eminent cultural personality, Rubana Haque, Managing Director, Mohammadi Group and Faizul Latif Chowdhury, Director General, Bangladesh National Museum.

While reflecting on Kalidas's work, Faizul Latif Chowdhury said, "Kalidas is always finding new ways to express art. He always uses gimmicks in his works". Praising the traits of this phenomenal artist, he added, "Kalidas is essentially a painter in search of styles and techniques. He tries to use each and every technique there is to create art".  

During the session, Kalidasemphasized on the importance of integration among music, literature and poetry with art. This is the second time Kalidas has rather fascinated his audience with live painting accompanied by music. “Today I am not going to create an artwork, I am going to layer colors on the canvas, because a proper art piece takes a lot of time to form...since I use various media, it takes a lot of time to create one piece," he reasoned 


art with music

art with music


The evening's main attraction was watching Kalidas strike his white canvas with black charcoal on the backdrop of Amra Tomader Bhulbo Naa in mellow flute rhythm. As the music gradually elated with the beat of dhols, Kalidas's black and white canvas turned into expressive layers of red, green and yellow. One could hear the swipes and the taps of the magic Kalidas was creating on the canvas withhis bare hands! In sync with the local instrumental tunes, the canvas vibrated with the motions, bringing the human and animal characters to life. 

As the harmonious encounter of paint and music gradually ceased, Kalidas put the final strokes in his painting. “No art is complete without the integration with music, literature or poetry. Here poets do not visit art exhibitions, artists as well go to the poetry recitals. When various media influences art, only then something new and dynamic can be created," voiced Kalidas on his concluding note. 


art with music



Earlier in 2013, on a similar tone, a solo exhibition was held at the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts to mark his 68th birthday, where Kalidas Karmaker depicted 68 paintings under an hour! The complete version of the project initiated under "Creating Art and Music with Alluvial Rhythm" will be exhibited in near future for public viewing. 


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