Saturday December 05, 2020
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Afsana Khan

‘Made in Bangladesh’ -  the deshi brand that has made quite the name in 3 years since its initiation in June of 2012 is not your ordinary handicraft store. The ‘Made in Bangladesh’ (“MIB”) brand was found by Khaled Mahmud and Kazi Monirul Kabir, with a view to bring to light what Bangladesh should be recognized for. It is an initiative that strives to uphold what the country has grown to achieve and how it is changing every day. 

The acclamation our country has acquired as having one of the biggest jute industries of the world has dissipated with the collapse of the industry. The name it had built in the past two decades as one of the biggest RMG sectors of the world was also brought to shame by the Rana Plaza incident. More often than not, Bangladesh’s industrial development tends to be overlooked when trying to enumerate its positives. Made in Bangladesh, came into being with an aspiration to precisely highlight this aspect of Bangladesh. The brand works with materials and products manufactured in Bangladesh to produce articles that are contemporary in design, but local at their core. 

MIB’s diverse product line ranges from t-shirts, bags and totes, photo frames, notebooks, wallets to a lot more. The products are upcycled using materials sourced from factories - discarded leather goods, rejected RMG products and locally obtained products like jute. What distinguishes MIB’s products is the simplicity in the designs and yet how they manage to speak volumes. The materials are inherently local whereas the designs are markedly bold and trendy albeit minimalistic. These products are made to appeal to both local and international markets.


MIB launched its latest line on the 16th of December titled the ’71 series. The product line, composed of mostly denim products with leather elements added here and there, was launched as part of the 4th MIB meet-up in honor of our Victory Day. “Our saddest story, our greatest glory” adorns most products of this line as a tribute to the war, its heroes and the legacy they left behind.  

Made in Bangladesh has two outlets in Dhanmondi and Uttara in collaboration with Headoffice Communications and Richmond Hotel and Suites respectively. 

*All images used in this article are courtesy of "Made in Bangladesh". 

December 23, 2015
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