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A VERY MERRY “Swiftmas”

A VERY MERRY “Swiftmas”

The American pop star, Taylor Swift, has recently devised another scheme to climb on top of the fame chain. This time, the young pop star has sought to trademark of the words “Swiftmas” and “1989”.

The term "Swiftmas" is highly used by her fan base in reference to the singer’s “random acts of kindness”. Swift had also sought to trademark other lyrical terms attributing to her such as "this sick beat", “I'll write your name" and even song titles like "Blank Space". She also wanted to further lockdown the phrase "A girl named girl" which is supposedly the title of an unpublished book she wrote at the age of 14. The pop star has already gotten her name, signature and initials under trademark protection.

If Swift is granted the right to trademark, then this would prevent any other person or entity from using theses phrases on any tangible items without seeking permission first. 

A trademark lawyer from Withers & Rogers stated in an interview with BBC that the singer may not eventually be successful. The lawyer stated that, “While she may well be granted protection for a stylised use of the number 1989 on her album and distinctive terms such as "Swiftmas", it will be very difficult to completely monopolize a song lyric and prevent others from using it…”. 

However it was further stated that “…'Swiftmas' is also a distinct term that she could achieve successful registration for as it is unique to her name and brand … On the other hand, her attempts to trademark song lyrics are no more than a publicity stunt.”

The young singing sensation is indeed a commendable businesswomen, who definitely gives her legal team a run for their money. Whether or not this rising star can pull this new stunt or not, we are yet see. It may be pertinent to mention that the term “Swifties” has already been reserved by her fans to define her fan population and loyal followers.

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