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Deepto TV Looks Promising For the Year 2017

Deepto TV Looks Promising For the Year 2017

Deepto TV completed its first year of majestic reign. Since its maiden telecast on 18th November 2015, this entertainment based satellite TV channel has made its mark in our television industry with it’s out of the box program selection process.

In only the second week of its airing, Deepto TV topped the Television Rating Point (TRP) list amongst all of the television channels in Bangladesh for the Bengali dubbed Turkish television serial Sultan Suleiman.

Deepto TV’s popularity was further enhanced with their home-produced shows namely Khuje Phiri Takey, Palki and Aparajita that caught up with Sultan Sulaiman’s popularity and became instant successes with the viewers. Kazi Media Limited, which runs Deepto TV, adopted smart and innovative strategies in program selection and production that amassed Deepto’s massive viewer base and brought back millions of viewers back to the Bangladeshi TV channels. Deepto gave the viewers an opportunity to cleanse their palettes. The channel deliberately chooses to air less commercials in between their shows as it understands the annoyance the viewers go through due to too many commercials in other channels. Deepto’s efforts have been highly praised for the documentaries it produced on liberation war of Bangladesh and the agricultural aspects that smartly makes the agricultural processes and developments accessible to the mass people.

Chief Operating Officer of Deepto Tv, Qazi Urfi Ahmed, expressed his joy at Deepto’s unprecedented success and commitment at bringing forth new shows that will continue the stream of success. In year 2017, Deepto will be allotting more time to daily news and will be introducing game shows and drama serials that will be potentially different from the variety available in other channels in Bangladesh. The new drama show to be aired very soon Ora Thake Odharey is already gaining steam in the viewers as the trailer has launched and it promises to be a unique love-story between a girl and a ghost. Deepto is proud to be the first to bring a home produced paranormal romance, which is expected to delight the viewers.

Deepto TV has been successful in bringing the Bangladeshi viewers back to its local television channels which was one of its primary objectives. Just as the name, Deepto TV is the torchbearer of our television industry and incites hope in us that its soaring flames will remain bright in the coming years.

November 18, 2015
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