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Patent issued for breakthrough development in blind spot technology

Patent issued for breakthrough development in blind spot technology

The latest ground breaking innovation in blind spot technology is a side view mirror control system that has absolutely no blind spots. This new technology allows the driver better visibility through the side view mirrors of a vehicle while changing lanes, driving in reverse and parallel parking. Seymour Setnor, the owner of the automotive patent sees it as a breakthrough in existing technology, and has coined the name See More Switch. Setnor, who is a retired insurance executive, invented the See More Switch system in order to improve the system of parking in his own garage. He claims that his invention will help the driver get a more realistic view of traffic and while parking. 

The See More Switch is basically a side view mirror system that works automatically when an automobile is being driven ahead or in reverse. The technology switches from drive to reverse automatically and leaves no blind spots in the driver’s view of the road. The system can be fitted to an automobile car, bus or truck in order to provide the driver with “a perfect view” of the road ahead or behind. 

Most vehicles use monitors or radar-spotting sensors as warning systems. "While multiple mirrors can mislead a driver with distracted views, the See More switch system gives a driver a real identification of his vehicle in relation to other traffic. Even a camera lens can get dirty, wet, snowy, foggy or sunny and is not reliable when needed”, says Setnor. The technology uses a single flat mirror on either sides of the vehicle and works automatically in reverse or drive thus enabling the driver to make smooth lane changes safely, even in heavy traffic conditions and is expected to reduce rates of accidents considerably. It is, according to its inventor, 'autonomous', as there are two separate controls neither of which has any effect on the other. 

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation approximately 539,000 car accidents occur every year, which are most often caused by distorted visibility while changing lanes. According to Setnor, distorted visibility is caused due to the use of fish eye or convex mirrors, which indicate that objects are closer than they appear. He claims that his See More Switch is the perfect solution for this common visibility problem. 

This “Holy Grail of blind spot technology”, according to Setnor, will soon be available for licensing or lease and is expected to be very popular among automobile vehicle owners. spot cars20151118052316.jpg

Photo: Older model of blind spot mirrors used in cars

Cover Image: Blind Spot Monitor

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