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Importance of Pattern in Dress Designing

Mumu Maria
Importance of Pattern in Dress Designing
Example of pattern based work at Mumu Maria

The Beauty and Fashion Summit 2012 was held at the BRAC Auditorium On March 17. There was a panel meeting where a few prominent issues were discussed like giving importance to the use of patterns in fashion designing. It was brought into light how our local designers confuse the term ‘pattern’ with ‘design’ and how helpful are our senior designers in making the newcomers comprehend this aspect. 

Mainly, there are three segments of dress designing; fabric design, pattern design and dress ornamentation design. Each of these needs to be given proper importance if Bangladesh wants to shine in this field.
In the case of fabric design, we are familiar with the handloom and power loom. Our Muslin, Jamdani, Katan and Grameen Check fabrics have earned quite a worldwide reputation. At the same time, plenty of work is being done relating to dress ornamentation design, especially in the case of sarees. Skin-print, block-print, tie-dye, embroidery and zardosy work should earn a special mention.

Now the question lies if anything important or remarkable is happening with regard to pattern designing. Some of our own pattern designs are being adopted by various fashion houses abroad and complete dresses are being made based on them. While in our country, dresses are being made with the designs sent from various design houses of other countries.

However, our local brands have not yet made any noteworthy progress in coming up with complete and original pattern designs, nor have we been able to participate in any international fashion weeks with original pattern based designs. The work that is being done lacks quality and is not competitive enough to participate globally. Bangladesh thus fails to build up a global brand image as of yet.

In today’s fashion world, sarees, which we can call our own, are being used in different draping styles. Sadly, we could not showcase any innovative fashion of international standards. 

If we are to achieve a strong foothold in today’s global fashion arena, we have to focus on improving our pattern designing. The things taught about pattern designing in our fashion designing courses must be a reflection of the practical field.

We must encourage competition in pattern related works. Also, we must devote attention as to how innovative designs can be introduced through the basic forms of pattern. Quality must be improved through more pattern based work. Our students must learn how international fashion is developing. However, it must be made sure that imitation is avoided. 

On a more positive note, young designers of our country have already started doing this. What is needed now is proper guidance. The wind of change is blowing; we have to welcome and accept it.    



The story was first published in INTELLECT Issue no.1, dated April 2012.



June 30, 2015
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Mumu Maria is a fashion designer and has her own self-titled label 'Mumu Maria'

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