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Chromatic Delusions

Chromatic Delusions

Maksuda Iqbal Nipa’s solo art exhibition “Chromatic Delusions” was inaugurated at Bengal Art on Saturday, 31 October ’15 at 5pm. “Chromatic Delusions” showcases a mingling of the Modern and the Contemporary. Ambassador Pierre Mayaudon, Representative of the European Union to Bangladesh, and Professor Emeritus Anisuzzaman jointly inaugurated the art exhibition. 

photo of the exhibition

Photo: Artist with her artwork 

The artist, having studied art in Japan, is well known for her signature style in colorful abstract paintings composed on large canvases. She explores the depth and range of tones and dimensions of colors. This unique style makes for an almost multi dimensional treat for the viewers as each chromatic composition appears different depending on light, placement or the angle at which it is viewed. 


Photo: Some of the artworks at the exhibition

“The pigments and the surface are Nipa's point of departure,” writes art critique Javed Jalil. “She then works the material with blind intuition combined with a deep feeling for the paint. Substances fuse and mingle into a holier fusion where mind, body and spirit thrive to sing as one.” he adds. Indeed, Maksuda Iqbal Nipa's compositions are perhaps difficult to understand at a mere glance – the artwork demand deeper engagement by the viewers in order to be enjoyed to the fullest. An exhibition of such artwork invites the viewers to not just look, but to contemplate and ultimately leave with an experience worth remembering.

photo from exhibition

Photo: Guests at the exhibition 

The exhibit will be open to everyday from 12-8pm until 21 November 2015.

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