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Azfar Rahman
New Kid on the Block

It is that time of the year again when FIFA’s annual release is out in the market, either winning hearts or breaking them (as well as a few controllers too, maybe). In short, the most profound way to describe FIFA 16 – you’re either going to love it, or absolutely hate it! 

For those who loved playing the former FIFA franchises that were packed with all the pacey attacks and over the top through balls and flawless headers into the back of the nets, shy away now. This one’s not for you guys. No offense intended, it’s just a matter of caution for you guys not to end up breaking your controllers or chucking them out the window. 

FIFA 16, in general, can be frustrating at times. The lack of speed compared to the former releases, along with a new AI defense engine that makes it extremely hard to break through the defense line and when you finally do, if your shot is not angled right or powered up enough, you will just be shooting right into the keeper’s gloves. But when you finally do get a hang of the game, with its more controlled movement, the ‘no-touch dribbling’, the ‘pass with purpose’ feature, then you’ll finally be able to grasp why EA Sports decided to label these simulations ‘Moments of Magic’.

Apart from numerous new attacking features and styles, one of the most prominent part of FIFA 16 is its impressive defense engine. When switching from legacy to tactical defense style, it has been kind of hard for newer players to get adapted to the system. However, with players’ feedbacks finally heard, FIFA 16’s defensive mechanism is nothing short of absolute brilliance.

The AI defense support is now intuitive enough to read and block runs from supporting players of the opposition, while man-marking and interceptions now seamlessly integrate with a break-away counter-attack style of play. Even defending one on one with an oncoming attacker is now more fluid and feels more precise. If you slide or step your foot out for the tackle and mistime it, you can still pull back and get a second chance at towing the ball away from your opposition’s feet again.

Apart from the latest and improved basic game mechanics, FIFA 16 features two brand new sections in the game. The first one being the addition of 12 International Women’s teams and the Women’s Cup tournaments, both in offline and online modes. The other, FUT Draft mode, a new method of playing and earning coins for the most popular FIFA feature, FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

The FUT draft mode allows players to build a squad based on unlocking packs for 'each' respective position on the field, enabling players to get immersed into the online FUT action right away instead of having to build a squad manually for hours before you can build a team with good enough ‘team chemistry’ to play and win.

Truth be told, FIFA is a tough game to review. FIFA 16, like its predecessors, is a combination of features, attributes and modes, all of which are changed with varying degrees with each release. The new changes in the game can be annoying to get used to at times but once you get into it, believe this enthusiast’s words on it, FIFA 16 really is the beautiful game!


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October 19, 2015
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