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Painting thoughts

Afsana Khan
Painting thoughts

“How do we function in our environments? What are our relations to each other and to the spaces we occupy? How much do we give up in order to fit in, and how comfortable are we in our adopted identities? To what extent do people and surroundings affect us, and how much of it is on our head? These are some of the questions which occupy me right now. I am concerned with how forms, colours, lines and patterns can express psychological states.”- Anika Mariam Ahmed

Having grown up in a family of architects and doctors, you would think Anika Mariam Ahmed’s inclination towards art as a career would not only be encouraged but also supported. But then, our society says anything outside of Medical, Engineering or Architecture is not a viable career path. Against all odds, Anika pursued her dreams, and it has taken her to the Frank Mohr Institute of the Minerva Academie in the Netherlands where she’s completing her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.  

Anika’s work stands out because they have a certain abstract quality to them that you cannot quite put into words. It’s not abstract art per say, but if you asked different people to describe what they see in a picture by her, you would get very distinctive responses. 
Anika paints to express. Emotions, rants, questions – her paintings reflect who she is as a person and how she views the world around her. 03_anika_201520151019062701.jpg 02_anika_201520151019062709.jpg Dinner_anika_Int20151019063745.jpg kiss_oil on canvas20151019070032.jpg

"In my country, it is taboo to kiss in public. Pre-marital physical interactions even behind closed doors are unacceptable. I painted two lovers kissing passionately in a public place and showed how a kiss is not something evil. The kiss brings beautiful thoughts for the lovers and inspires art and creativity and nothing can be too bad with that. I have painted this keeping in mind the paintings of kiss by three of my favourite painters Munch, Klimt and Picasso." much to say 1120151019065847.jpg

"The painting dwells on the transience of life. Nothing lasts forever- food and drink is consumed or grows stale, tea goes cold, relationships end and paper planes fall to the ground. Death is as inevitable as life. So there is a need to talk, to share the story of your life before your time here runs away and you are forgotten."

October 18, 2015
Kazifarms Kitchen

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