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"The world was filled with grass and green, until civilization cut in between." Original caption, dated 27 August, 2015.

If you are not following the Facebook page “Goats of Bangladesh”, then you are missing out on some serious satirical fun. What is this “Goats of Bangladesh”, you may ask? 

“Goats of Bangladesh” is the local adaptation of “Humans of New York”, except that they post interviews and photos of goats instead of people accompanied by intriguing texts which contain a profound analysis of life, philosophy and current situation of Bangladesh in every aspect. “Goats of Bangladesh” is the brainchild of Sadman Sakib Rahman, Ehtesham Haider Choudhury and Kadin Ehsan Imdad. These youngsters are on their last leg of high school education and on the verge of starting their undergraduate studies.

While in conversation with the young wordsmiths, they said that the main idea behind the text is to convey a thought provoking message. Ehtesham says, “..messages which cause the reader to stop, think, and re-evaluate their own opinions or concepts about various matters. Such messages may trigger emotions varying from laughter to tears in the audience and so in doing that, we hope we cause people to look a little deeper into their lives.”

The crew behind 'Goats of Bangladesh'

Through this satirical page, Goats of Bangladesh want their readers to broaden their area of thoughts, through conveying messages that promote constructive criticism by using the clever decoy of goats. Ehtesham also adds that the idea for the posts stems from current affairs to random thoughts evolved from plain boredom, while the interviews could be humorous, meaningful or empathetic.

The page was originally started as joke on one Eid-Ul-Azha, when the trio decided to take pictures of goats and post them on their internet page named Goats of Bangladesh. To their utter surprise, their joke element received massive positive response from people all over the world. Ehtesham shares that people are slowly beginning to understand their captions better and can now often relate to the thought that the page tries to convey.

"I get an insecure vibe from humans who keep heavy beards as an active fashion statement. That whenever someone asks them why they have a beard they say it's because they're a real man. I feel like they are very gender challenged and want validation from other humans to recognize them with the manliness they think they lack." Original caption, dated August 17, 2015

The responses from the page’s fans about how well written the captions are, are the motivating factor to keep these budding talents to continue writing. The operation of the page has not always been a smooth ride. Ehtesham says that they had faced instances where few people have misunderstood references and had deemed them to be offensive, where they were not intended to be such at all.

The future of Goats of Bangladesh is not limited to just an internet page. These purveyors of fine humorous creativity, intend to grow larger to cater to an even larger audience. They also intend to sell the page’s merchandise to their fans and donate the proceeds to KhataKolom, an institution dedicated to provide education to the poor and under privileged slum children.

"Are you happy that a country that has so much influence over media has accepted gay marriage? What are your thoughts on gay privileges?" 

"Privileges? A privilege is a special right to a particular person or group of people. I don't think this is anything special. I think this is called equality. A privilege is like: not having to pay taxes. Kind of like how most churches don't pay taxes."  Original caption, dated June 27, 2015.


**All the images used in this article are courtesy of 'Goats of Bangladesh' team.**

October 12, 2015
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