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Alphabet acquires all 26!

Afsana Khan
Alphabet acquires all 26!

Google made headlines when it introduced its parent company, Alphabet, on August 2015 under the domain Alphabet went for this unconventional choice of a domain since is already owned by a fleet management division of BMW and belongs to ABC Networks. And now in its first official week at Wall Street, Alphabet has yet again grabbed headlines with their purchase of the entire alphabet! Well not literally, but this is probably as close as one can get. 

As recorded on 7 October, 2015, Alphabet has bought The domain name was originally created back in 1990 and was under a private ownership until its recent acquisition by Alphabet. The domain is reported to have an estimated worth of USD 2,719. 

As of yet, the URL leads to an inactive site. Most speculate that the buy may have been a defensive tactic in order to ensure that no other company could scoop up the site. When asked about the new domain, an Alphabet spokesperson replied, “We realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough.”

Talking about being thorough, it is quite common for companies to buy related domains for multiple reasons. In case people misspell Google, Alphabet also owns,,, and 7 other possible variations of probable Google typos which automatically forward them to Google. Domains are also bought in order to prevent competitors from using them, for example Google also owns


October 10, 2015
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