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Burgers in RED!

Afsana Khan
Burgers in RED!

Surprisingly, for a country famous for its pure slivers of raw fish and the delicate art of the kaiseki banquet, the present generation of Japan demonstrates an appetite for fast food that rivals the Americans. Unlike the Americans, however, who basically go for anything with mounds of cheese, meat and potatoes, the Japanese have very unconventional tastes when it comes to fast food. From Haagen Dazs’ Vegetable Ice Creams to savory Kit Kat Pizzas and Chocolate fries, Japan is a haven for bizarre fast food. 

Even in this land of wacky fast food innovations, Burger King Japan has managed to grab the headlines quite a few times with their all-black burgers for the last 4 years. Their most recent headliner is the all new Aka Burger. Aka is Japanese for red. Yes, we’re talking about an all-red burger here. 

BK Japan first launched their Premium Kuro Burger in 2012 (kuro means black in Japanese) made with black buns, black cheese and black as quite intriguing. Since then, owing to its popularity, BK Japan has launched its black burgers every year under different names - the Kuro Pearl, the Kuro Diamond and the Kuro Ninja. 

The black buns and cheese are colored using bamboo charcoal. The black sauce gets its color from squid ink. This year they’ve added squid ink blackened eggplants to the burger. Burger King Singapore and Malaysia also have the black burger on their menu, called the Ninja. burger_ burger king20151006150437.jpg

Because black burgers weren’t kooky enough, Burger King Japan decided to take things further, claiming that they “wanted to try something new”. The Aka Burger, launched in July 2015 is a burger made of red buns, red cheese and what BK named the “Angry Sauce”, that is also red of course. The buns and cheese are colored red using tomato powder. The ‘Angry Sauce’ is essentially tobanjan, a hot miso paste used in Chinese and Korean-style dishes. The Aka Burger comes with two options – the Aka Samurai Chicken and the Aka Samurai Beef. 

Burger King Japan's general manager for business management, Masanori Tatsuiwa, in an interview with Ad Age, said that BK Japan’s introduction of the Kuro and Aka is a marketing strategy to keep people interested and to compensate for their low ad-budget. If things keep progressing the way they are, it’s safe to assume that BK Japan will have an entire spectrum of burgers on their menu by the end of this decade. Maybe a Rainbow Burger to top it all off too!


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October 06, 2015
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